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Live Streaming
Serving Southeast Wisconsin 

We Live Stream funerals and celebrations of life from anywhere.  Indoors or outdoors.  Any time of the year.

Why Choose DMI?

We do Live Streaming better...

From Taps to Tech:
25 Years of Honoring Families

Article posted on Facebook by Piasecki Funeral Home

Live streaming a service has become a way for people to partake in a service, if it’s done right. We have someone who truly understands how funerals are to be viewed and how loved ones are to be honored. The flowers and the messages attached to the flowers, the photos and keepsakes on display, the friends and family in attendance – it's all important and should be seen in detail. We want it right for the families we serve.

We'd like to introduce you to Andrew Howlett. Andrew is the owner of Digital Media Imaging, a multimedia business serving southeast Wisconsin. Andrew and his team are not new to Piasecki Funeral Home. DMI has been producing video and other content for Piasecki for several years.

However, what is new are the many live stream funeral services that Andrew and his team have been producing. Andrew was honoring fallen heroes as part of the Marine Corps Funeral Platoon long before entering the world of multimedia, so when we started transitioning to live stream funeral services we knew we had more than just a “tech person”.

We decided it was time to bring Andrew out from behind the camera:

“Just setting up a tablet or camera on a stand might be hi-tech but it doesn't capture what a funeral is about. I feel fortunate because I've been doing this in one form or another since 1995. Those who cannot attend a funeral need to feel connected. The family members who arrange the funeral want to celebrate the life of their loved one through visuals such as photos and keepsakes. It's my job to bring it all together for everyone. It's a job that I cherish.” ~ Andrew Howlett


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